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Italian Television channels from A to Z

Here you can find and watch the TV channels of Italian online on the Internet live streaming. Currently, the following television channels are available from Italy for free.

Television in Italy was introduced in 1939, when the first experimental broadcasts began. However, this lasted for a very short time: when fascist Italy entered World War II in 1940 all transmissions were interrupted, and were resumed in earnest only nine years after the end of the conflict, on January 3, 1954. There are two main national television organisations responsible for most viewing: state-owned RAI, accounting for 37% of the total viewing figures in May 2014,[1] and Mediaset, a commercial network which holds about 33%. The third largest player, the Italian branch of Discovery Communications, had a viewing share of 5.8%. Apart from these three free to air companies, News Corporation's satellite pay TV platform Sky Italia is increasing in viewing and shares. Two Italian media giants dominate - the publicly owned Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) with 3 national terrestrial stations and privately owned Mediaset with 3 national terrestrial stations; a large number of private stations and Sky Italia - a satellite TV network; RAI operates 3 AM/FM nationwide radio stations; some 1,300 commercial radio stations.

7 Gold, AB Channel, Alice, Antichità Chiossone, Automoto TV, Bike Channel, Boing, Boomerang TV, Caccia, Cagnola, Camera dei Deputati, Canale 5 (HD), Canale 65, Canale Italia 2, Canale Italia 83, Canale Italia 84, Case Design Stili, Cine34, Cine Sony, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito, Channel 24, Cielo, Città Italia TV, Class CNBC, Class TV Moda, Classica HD, Comedy Central, Crime+Investigation, DeA Junior, DeA Kids, Deejay TV, Discovery Channel (HD), Discovery Science (HD), Disney Channel (HD), Disney in English, Disney Junior, Disney XD (HD, DMAX (HD), Doctor's Life Channel, Donna TV, Elite Shopping, Eurosport 1 (HD), Eurosport 2 (HD), Food Network, Focus, Fox (HD), Fox Animation (HD), Fox Comedy (HD), Fox Crime (HD), Fox Life (HD), Frisbee, Gambero Rosso Channel (HD), Giallo, Gold TV, Hip Hop TV, History (HD), Horse TV, HSE24, Iris, Inter TV, Investigation Discovery, Italia 1 (HD), Italia 2, Italia 53, Italia +, Italia Channel, Italian Fishing TV, Juwelo Italia, K2, La 4, La5, La7, La7d, LaEffe, Lazio Style Channel, Man-Ga, Marcopolo, Mediaset Extra, Mediaset Extra 2, Milan TV, MTV Viacom, MTV Hits, MTV Music, Muzik TV, Nat Geo People HD, National Geographic Wild (HD), National Geographic (HD), Nove (HD), Pop, Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, Odeon 24, Padre Pio TV, Paramount Network, Pesca Digicast, Premium Action (HD), Premium Cinema (HD), Premium Cinema Comedy, Premium Cinema Emotion, Premium Cinema Energy, Premium Crime (HD), Premium Joi Mediaset, Premium Stories, QVC, R101 TV, Radio Italia TV, Radionorba TV, Rai 1 (HD), Rai 2 (HD), Rai 3 (HD), Rai 4 (HD), Rai 5 (HD), Rai Gulp (HD), Rai Movie (HD), Rai News24 (HD), Rai Premium (HD), Rai Scuola (HD), Rai Sport, Rai Sport +, Rai Storia, Rai Yoyo, Real Time, Rete 4, Retecapri, Reteconomy, Roma TV, RTL 102.5 TV, Senato della Repubblica, Sky Arte HD, Sky Atlantic (HD), Sky Cinema Action (HD), Sky Cinema Collection (HD), Sky Cinema Comedy (HD), Sky Cinema Due (HD), Sky Cinema Drama (HD), Sky Cinema Family (HD), Sky Cinema Romance (HD), Sky Cinema Suspense (HD), Sky Cinema Uno (HD), Sky Primafila 1 to 28 (HD), Sky Sport (HD), Sky Sport 24 (HD), Sky Sport Arena (HD), Sky Sport F1 (HD), Sky Sport Football, Sky Sport Golf, Sky Sport MotoGP, Sky Sport NBA (HD), Sky Sport Serie A (HD), Sky Sport Uno (HD), Sky TG24 (HD), Sky TG24 Eventi, Sky TG24 Primo Piano, Sky TG24 Rassegne, Sky Uno (HD), Sportitalia TV, Studio Universal, Super!, SuperTennis (HD), Telepace (HD, TG Architettura, TG Norba 24 (HD), Top Calcio 24, Top Crime, TV2000, TV8 (HD), Uninettuno University TV, UNIRE Sat, VH1

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