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Television in Hungary was introduced in 1957. Transmission in colour was introduced to Hungarian television for the first time in 1971. Hungary had only one television channel until 1973. It was only in the mid 1990s when private and commercial broadcasting was introduced to Hungary. Mixed system of state-supported public service broadcast media and private broadcasters; the 5 publicly owned TV channels and the 2 main privately owned TV stations are the major national broadcasters; a large number of special interest channels; highly developed market for satellite and cable TV services with about two-thirds of viewers utilizing their services; 4 state-supported public-service radio networks; a large number of local stations including commercial, public service, nonprofit, and community radio stations; digital transition completed at the end of 2013; government-linked businesses have greatly consolidated ownership in broadcast and print media

Viasat 3, Cool TV, RTL+, RTL Spike, RTL Gold, PRIME, TV4, AXN, Comedy Central, Comedy Central Family Humor+, Viasat 6, Galaxy4, Story4, d1 TV, LifeTV, OzoneTV, Hatos csatorna, E! Entertainment, Hír TV, ATV, EuroNews, Sport 1 TV (HD), Sport 2 TV (HD), Eurosport 1 (HD), Eurosport 2 (HD), Digi Sport 1 (HD), Digi Sport 2 (HD), Digi Sport 3 (HD), Spiler1 TV (HD), Spiler2 TV (HD), Film+, Mozi+, Moziverzum, HBO, HBO 2, HBO 3, Cinemax, Cinemax 2, Film Mania, Film Cafe, AMC, Filmbox, Filmbox Extra HD, Filmbox Premium, Filmbox Family, Filmbox Plus, Paramount Channel, FilmNOW, Film4, Sorozat+, Izaura TV, Jocky TV, Sony Movie Channel, Sony Max, Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery TurboXtra, Investigation Discovery, National Geographic, CBS Reality, BBC Earth, Viasat History, Viasat Explore, Spektrum, Fishing & Hunting, HISTORY, Da Vinci Learning, DIGI World, FIXHD, Fit TV, Animals, Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild, Viasat Nature, DIGI Animal World, Travel and lifestyle, FEM3, TLC, Travel Channel, Spektrum Home, Fine Living, DIGI Life, Fashion TV, TV Paprika, Lichi TV, Food Network, Minimax, Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney Channel, Kiwi TV, Zenebutik, Sláger TV, Dikh TV, Muzsika TV, MTV Hungary, Music Channel, H!T Music Channel, UTV, Mezzo, Bonum TV, PAX TV, Heti TV, Csepp TV, Csaba TV, DSTV Hungary, Főnix TV, Gyula Televízió, Kölcsey TV, Keszthely TV, Pannon TV, Williams TV

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