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Greek Television channels from A to Z

Television broadcasting in Greece began in 1966 and this was preceded in 1951 by statute 1963 permitting television broadcasting. Broadcast media dominated by the private sector; roughly 150 private TV channels, about ten of which broadcast nation-wide; 1 government owned terrestrial TV channel with national coverage; 3 privately owned satellite channels; multi-channel satellite and cable TV services available; upwards of 1,500 radio stations, all of them privately owned; government owned broadcaster has 2 national radio stations.

Television in Greece was introduced in 1959. Although the Greek media market is small, it is one of the most vibrant and highly competitive in Central and Eastern Europe. Global players such as News Corporation, Modern Times Group, Central European Media Enterprises HD Sofia TV and Fox Broadcasting Company and others operate the biggest and most popular media outlets in the country.. 4 national terrestrial TV stations with 1 state-owned and 3 privately owned; a vast array of TV stations are available from cable and satellite TV providers; state-owned national radio broadcasts over 3 networks; large number of private radio stations broadcasting, especially in urban areas

4E TV, Achaia Channel, Acheloos TV, Action 24, Alpha TV, ANT1, Arkadiki Radiofonia Tileorasi, Asti Radio Television, Attica TV, Blue Sky (TV channel,) Center TV, Channel 9 (Greece), Cosmote Cinema, Cosmote Sport, Creta Channel, CreteTV, Disney Channel (Greek TV channel), Disney Junior (Greek TV channel), E! (European TV channel), ENA Channel, Epirus TV1, Epsilon TV, ERT Sports HD, ERT World, ERT1, ERT2, ERT3, Fox (Greek TV channel), Fox Life (Greek TV channel), Fox Sports (Turkish TV channel), Greek Cinema (TV channel), Holidays in Greece TV, K K-T.V., Kontra Channel, MAD Greekz, MAD TV (TV channel), MAD World, Makedonia TV, Mega Channel, Music Force Europe, National Geographic (Greek TV channel), National Radio Television Foundation, New Epsilon TV, Nick Jr. (Greece), Nickelodeon (Greek TV channel), Nickelodeon Plus, Nova Cinema (Greece), Nova Life ,Nova Sports, One Channel (Greece), Open TV, ORT (TV channel), PLP (TV channel), Skai TV, Smile TV (Greece), Social Business Channel, South Greek TV, SportPlus TV, Star Channel (Greek TV channel), Super B, Thessalian Radio Television, TV 100, Village Cinema, Vouli Tileorasi, West Channel, WTV, Weather TV

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